DBF quick query tool

I created a simple tool for querying *.dbf files.

Two ways to query *.dbf:
1.Free table directory (No *.dbc) (OleDb)

Connection string will be like this:
Provider=vfpoledb;Data Source=C:\temp\WLAB32\;Collating Sequence=machine;

2.Database container (.DBC)

Connection string will be like this:
SourceDB=C:\YourPath\YourDbName.DBC;DRIVER={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};SourceType=DBC;Exclusive=No;BackgroundFetch=Yes;Collate=Machine;Null=Yes;Deleted=Yes

You can download this tool from here.
You may need the VFPOLEDB driver (here)

Connection strings for Visual FoxPro / FoxPro 2.x

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